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Andy Scott - MCSP

Chartered Physiotherapist
Health Professions Council Registered

To me physiotherapy is about placing the human body in the best possible environment to heal and strengthen itself – it will constantly adapt to the influences we give it, we just need these influences to be good ones!

Understanding and influencing pain perception in the body allows us to promote the healing process. I use a variety of manual techniques to relax and restore balance to injured or dysfunctional bodies. Trigger point therapy, myofascial release and acupuncture can be really useful in stimulating these changes and getting back to normal function. With the body in this balanced state it's easier to remind it how it works best and begin to move efficiently without pain.

The largest part of the rehabilitation process from here involves self-management, promoting body awareness and encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. Everyone has their own motivation and ability levels; good exercise therapy fits into the daily routine and guides how the body adapts.

Andy Scott qualified at Sheffield Hallam University. Early work experience included rehabilitation with neurological dysfunction, this fostered an interest in how movement therapy can start to balance and regenerate the body. He moved to North Wales in 2009 to set up Pathway Physiotherapy and his clinic in Bangor.

Andy has a keen passion for outdoor activities, with over 25 years of climbing and mountaineering experience. This has developed a broad knowledge of exercise and training approaches, as well as a personal appreciation of coping with injury and rehabilitation!

Practicing Yoga and Qigong has helped bring an awareness of how mindful movement and relaxation can help to balance and maintain the body for our everyday wellbeing and enjoyment.

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