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Neurological rehabilitation and management

Assessment and management of stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, spinal injury and other neuropathies.

- Accessible physiotherapy services for long-term management of chronic conditions
- Sessions for individuals in a clinic or home environment
- Sessions for care homes and patient groups in community settings
- Training and education for carers

Initial Assessment: 1.5 hours - £45

The problems presented by neurological conditions are experienced differently by each individual - our first session will concentrate on gaining a picture of your condition. We will identify the key points to work on, agree on some realistic goals that you would like to focus on, and start up some strategies to achieve them.

The success of the programme will depend on how realistic it is for the life you lead. Home visits can give us a better picture of your needs, also family members or carers are actively encouraged to attend any sessions and get involved in the rehabilitation and management strategies.

Follow-up sessions: 1 hour - £40

Treatments will depend on the priorities and goals identified in the initial assessment and will adapt to changing circumstances. The input necessary will vary: movement disorders can benefit from the impact of an intense period of rehabilitation while general management can be done on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis to review progress and refine rehabilitation ideas, keeping them fresh and useful.

Our primary concerns are helping you towards a safer, easier and more enjoyable life. Efficient posture and movement are the basis of most programmes, facilitating the nervous system towards normal function.

Continuing programmes can include: facilitation of active movement, musculoskeletal techniques aimed at muscle lengthening and mobilisation, balance and coordination work, progression of functional activity and visualisation / relaxation strategies.

Your programme is structured for you as an individual
- if you have any specific interests or needs you would like to incorporate into the plan - all the better!

Home visits

We will try to accommodate you whenever possible, please contact us to discuss availability. There is a standard £10 charge for home visits plus travel expenses.

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